Getting Started

Getting Started

What is…


WordPress is a flexible content management system (CMS) commonly been used for blogging, as well as, the creation and management of websites.


Shortcodes are bits of code in WordPress created to simplify tasks that would otherwise be more complicated. (similar to custom elements in CommonSpot)


Widgets are tools which add design and structure to a WordPress website, such as search, localist, etc.


A plugin is software that has been written that can added to a WordPress website to extend functionality or add new features.

Additional Page or Post Creation Tools

TablePress: used to create tables

Envira Gallery: used to display and manage images in a photo gallery

NinjaForms: used to create forms

Monarch: used for social media

Flow-Flow: used to display social media streams

Pages vs Posts

While Pages and Posts allow you to add content to your site, their functionality is different. Pages are typically static and display content that varies moderately, for example About, Degree Programs, Contact and etc. Posts are ever-changing or timely, such as news. Additionally, Posts can be categorized, while Pages cannot.